The Isbjorn Collective is a non-profit organisation that brings together a group of professionals from very diverse specialties, actively committed to the sustainability of seas and oceans and who join forces in joint actions to achieve the greatest social impact.

Our Manifest

Belonging to or collaborating with The Isbjorn Collective entails endorsing certain criteria for personal and professional action in favour of environmental sustainability, with special attention to the protection and defence of marine ecosystems, as well as contributing to the fight against the climate emergency. Our action plan is to:

  • Promote sustainability in the performance of professional activity and personal habits.
  • Stimulate and promote awareness and environmental education in our social environment.
  • Incorporate and promote environmental ethics in the performance of the profession.
  • Promote responsible consumption, always choosing the most sustainable option.
  • Radically reduce the use of plastic materials, eliminating completely single-use ones.
  • Reduce your own carbon footprint as much as possible, helping to offset the climate emergency.
  • Always ensure the environmental health of the seas and oceans, promoting respect and responsibility in their use.
  • Protect the environmental legacy that we leave to the following generations, as the only guarantee of the future for humanity.

I am TIC

We must all take care of the sea and marine ecosystems. We want to be able to continue enjoying them.

Claudia Camps

High School Student
Be aware and reduce the consumption of plastic to protect the oceans

Iván Hurtado

Let’s be aware and responsible people. Let’s take care of our planet.

Clara García

Environmental scientist
Sustainability is not an adjective, it is an attitude.

Ana Lliso

Bachelor of Biological Sciences
The work of raising awareness among young people is a crucial link to ensure a future of respect and respect for the sea. We are enjoying it, let’s make our predecessors can say the same.

Vicente Arbona

Medicine student
It is essential that we as companies manage to be more sustainable and look after our environment.

Carmen Martí

Commercial Director MrHotels
If you like our seas and oceans as much as I do, help us to continue enjoying their beauty.

Mario Camps

Commercial Director Insigna Uniformes S.L.
The most efficient tool to combat climate change is you

Amparo Borrás

Graduate in chemistry
Animals need a place to live and enjoy, let’s not stop them

Francisco Britz

Canine educator


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