What we do

At TIC we think that the most effective way to grow as a company, on the unavoidable path of improvement in terms of environmental sustainability, is to have environmental actions.

The Isbjorn Collective develops an ambitious agenda of events and activities in different areas to advance the objective of our mission. We want to join forces for the same goal, a sustainable future!”

Environmental Education

Training and environmental awareness are one of the most powerful tools to combat climate change and an essential and fundamental pillar of our activity.

  • Training session with professionals from universities
  • Awareness workshops in groups with joint dialogues
  • Conference on good practices with the elaboration of good practice guides
  • Children’s workshop to train the future agents the preservation of the environment
  • Training outing by boat through the Marine Reserve
  • Program “New Look: Innovations” to promote synergies and business opportunities
  • Program “Committed Art: Exhibitions” to raise awareness through creativity

Environmental Activism

This area aims to raise public awareness of environmental sustainability through active participation. With these actions, the population is directly involved, making them aware of the negative effects of climate change and existing degradation.

  • Collective beach clean-ups with specialised monitors to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and prevention
  • Residues collection on ships to collect large floating rubbish
  • Cleaning of underwater bottoms by diving and/or snorkelling to raise awareness about the unfortunate state of the seabed
  • Coastal cleaning with kayaks and/or paddle surf with difficult access on foot
  • Socio-environmental event with special groups
  • Reforestation event aims to raise awareness about the need to care for and plant trees
  • Sustainable urban garden event teaches how to promote the consumption of organic and local food

Team building

The formation of cohesive teams provides companies with high added value, since creativity, cooperation, knowledge, innovation, learning, and leadership are values that influence the competitiveness of any team.
TIC at the same time considers that it is very effective that companies encourage their best employees or retain their most outstanding customers.

  • Sailing or rowing regatta aboard various sailboats or traditional mediterranean ‘llaüts’ along the coast of Denia and Jávea
  • Environmental tour by catamaran through the Cabo San Antonio Marine Reserve
  • Sustainable nautical sports activities, in kayaks, rowing or paddle surfing


All the proposed activities consider both the external and internal communication aspects of the company.

  • Photographic dossier of each activity in which the company participates with transfer of rights
  • Edited video-production that includes the highlights of the day
  • CSR video by TwinFilms to link the sustainable value of the company with the values of the NGO